Monday, April 16, 2007

Access Denied Systems Invents Computer System to Protect Against Internal Data Theft

One of our clients, Access Denied Systems (ADS) invented a new product that will help protect companies, universities, hospitals, governments, banks, and other organizations from internal data theft. We are proud to say that we created a new site for their product.

This is a fascinating product. While working on this project we have learned a lot about internal data threats and how internal threats have surpassed external threats in number and in dollars lost. However, most companies are not focusing on this issue. Several companies over the last few years have been completely shut down due to their lack of security when it comes to internal data threats.

Since our business deals with data and the development of websites, we often see how many companies completely overlook securing their data or even more disturbing, their client’s data. While reviewing one project for a potential client we were given a disk with all of their client’s names, address, and credit card numbers. That lack of security can be the end of career or company.

This issue is something every manager and business owner should be aware of and take steps to secure their data. Access Denied Systems has a unique product that addresses this issue.

Read the press release on this story on our site and visit their Web site