Saturday, February 28, 2009

Landing Pages with only One Option

Did you ever search for something and click one of the links that were using a PPC campaign? Then, when you land on the page it seems to match what the ad stated so you start reading. The page wants you to take the action THEY want you to take. However, it’s not the action YOU want to take. So you begin to look around the page to find out more information before you take their suggested action, but there is no other action offered to you. They’ve completely striped out ALL navigation, the logo isn’t hot linked to the home page and the footer doesn’t have any links back the site either. You’re trapped. You’re only out is to delete the URL down to the root and only leave Some sites have even gone as far as putting their landing pages on a one page site. YUK!! You’re trapped.

If you’re really interested you could perhaps Google the name of the company but why bother. Instead you leave and never return.

Why are people doing this? Does their split test really show that strategy increases their conversion rate? If I’m annoyed with these tactics other people have to be as well. I hate to waste ad dollars to test, but I might have to just to satisfy my own curiosity. What do you think? Do you like the landing pages that give you only one action to perform and no other links to their site? Except perhaps when it comes to elections, I don’t think people are lemmings and follow directions blindly. We’re conducting more research on this topic and I’ll keep you updated