Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Corporate Policy for Social Media

So your company or marketing department is into social media. But you have questions like:

How should we handle negative comments on Blog posts and other social media?
How should we handle comments that go beyond negative and are completely misleading and false?
How should we handle blogs and posts that give misleading and harmful information and we do not control the site?
Internally, how should the company address employees using social media?
Should all sales people have their own blog and Twitter account?
How do we make sure employees are posting information in line with our brand and message?
What happens if employees post something on their Facebook or other social medial sites that is inappropriate or just in poor taste? Can we tell them to take it down?

These questions will be answered tomorrow at the Business Marketing Association. Lunch. Starting at 11:30 you'll hear from the marketing and legal point of view.

Here's the link for more info: