Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ePlus Marketing Launches New Website

The launch of our new blog coincides with the launch of our new Website. While developing our site we tested it with some of our associates and clients. One comment that came back from a majority of the “Beta version testers” was the thought that we are giving away too much information. Actually, we thought that was a good thing.

Our blog and Website is designed to share information and provide resources. The old adage “givers gain” is part of our corporate philosophy. We believe when helping others or “pay it forward” you also help yourself. It always comes back to you.

“Won’t that help the competition?” asked several site testers.

While we intend to give away information, most of it can be found in one form or another on the Web. Other information we share is through our experience.

Our true competitive edge is not just in our knowledge, but our processes, procedures, strategy, creativity, customer service, and experience. It’s the complete combination that makes our projects successful.

While the launch of our site and blog has long been in the works, the paradox of most marketing companies is that their own work suffers while they’re busy working on their client’s projects. We are excited and pleased with our new site and blog, there is plenty more in the works, so be sure to visit often.

Subscribe to our blog and visit our Web site frequently for new updates, white papers and resource information. If you are new to blogging and are not sure what it’s all about, read an article by Debbie Weil who is one of the leading experts in blogging, corporate blogs and blogs for CEOs.