Monday, December 15, 2008

Boost Sales in a Down Economy

Gee, is this headline getting old already or what??? Well before this is all over – and I’m sure it will get worse for many before it gets better – you’ll see the headline to this post again and again.

I’m sure many of you have been reading articles on marketing in a down economy. There are a lot of great tips and advice but really, it’s nothing new. When a sports player gets in a slum what do they do? The coach always has the player go back to basics. It’s no different in business – go back to the basics and do them RIGHT. No fancy get rich fast schemes. No “hidden secret that will make you millions”. It’s the basic marketing principles done right.

But here’s a tip that many people are forgetting. As a company that deals with international Internet marketing we know that people make decisions based on culture. Culture is based on attitudes and beliefs. If your belief is that things are going to get tough what do you do when you spend money? You make sure that every penny spent is giving you value back. So, how would you sell to someone like you -- eliminate risks as much as possible.

How do you eliminate risks? It’s going back to the basics to over come uncertainty. Give people guarantees, proof of your claims, and assurance that you can solve their problem. Don’t increase the hype – increase the proof of your ad claims. Use testimonials. Use real numbers to explain how your product or service increased profits or contributed to solving their problem. Be specific and back-up your claim.

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