Friday, November 14, 2008

Online Slow in 2009?

eMarketer Daily research shows that local online advertising will grow but not as likely as it was during the past few years. Online advertising spending in 2007 was $8.7 billion, in '08 it was $12.9 billion - a 47% change. In 2009 it is expected to be only 13.9 -- only a 7.8% change.

As an Internet marketing company I hav say, I hope eMarketer is wrong. Currently our business is great and continues to grow. In fact, 2009 looks to be our best year. Not only are our current clients spending more but we're adding new clients faster than we've ever done in the past.

Most of the growth is due to the economy in that smart buiness people know that they need to be smarter about how they market and that includes doing more on the Web. Of course they wouldn't continue with that if they weren't getting great results.

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